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Name Age Breed Sex Status
Mister and Po 4Y 2M Unknown Parentage - Small Male Available

Mister and Po here to give you the top 3 reasons why two dogs are better than one. 

1. We keep each other company.  So if you have to stay a little late at work, we'll be ok.  But don't be too late, we miss you when you're gone!

2. We'll keep you on your toes.  Have you ever tried walking two dogs at once?  It can be a bit of a challenge, but we know you can do it!

3.  Twice the love!  Isn't it every human's dream to be sitting on the couch and have dogs all over them?  Well we are here to tell you that we are lap dogs,  Give us a good spot to snuggle and we'll be happy.

Don't you think those are some pretty great reasons?  If that doesn't have you convinced, we have lived with cats before and might be ok with another dog as well.  So what do you say?  Are two heads better than one?