Adopt a Cat


Listed below are the cats currently available for adoption at NAHS. Kittens under the age of 5 months are typically not listed because they find new homes quickly. If you're interested in kittens under the age of 5 months, please call the shelter for more information. The list of available cats is updated frequently, so please check the site often. For more information our adoption process, click here. To read what some of our previous adopters have to say, click here.

You can see larger and additional photos by clicking on the names and pictures below and can sort the table by clicking on column headers for gender, age, breed, etc.

 *This page was last updated on February 25, 2017*

Name Age Breed Sex Status Declawed Status
Abraham 1Y 6M Domestic Shorthair Male Adopted! No

Let's play two truths and a lie. Ready?  

1. I was found stray by local animal control.  

2. I am an orange tabby.  

3. I have 24 toes.  

Did you guess?  Well guess what, they are all true!  They don't call me honest Abe for no reason, I cannot tell a lie.  So how does a cat have 24 toes you ask?  Simple, I'm what you call a polydactyl cat.  If you look closely at my picture, you can see how big my feet are.  It just gives me extra leverage for running and jumping and playing.  After all, I am a young cat who is very curious about the world and can't wait to explore my new home!  I seem to get along with most other cats but I don't think I have ever met a dog.  Hurry on in and meet me, I just might be wearing a top hat!

George 2Y 0M Domestic Longhair Male Available No

Info coming soon.  Please enjoy my cute photo!

Lady Elaine 7Y 7M Domestic Shorthair Female Available No

I'm Lady Elaine!  It's a regal name for an elegant girl like me.  I'm pretty easygoing and will do best in a nice quiet home where I can relax and find a comfortable spot to nap.  While I'm not necessarily a lap cat, I do enjoy being next to my human.  When I'm not napping I enjoy playing with feathers, wand toys, and of course catnip!  I may be okay with another cat but I don't know how I'd do with a dog.  I will add a touch of elegance to any home I go in!

My adoption fee is waived thanks to The Lucky 7 Fund!

Lyra 10Y 9M Domestic Shorthair Female Available No

Info coming soon.  Please enjoy my cute photo!

Sophie 1Y 4M Domestic Shorthair Female Adopted! No

My name is Sophie, like Sophie's Choice except it was not my choice to be here. It's a good thing I am, though, because I was found as a pregnant stray. Life on the street wasn't easy, and as a result, I'm rather timid and shy. My foster home helped me to know that people aren't so bad, but it will be a lifelong process. 

I'll feel most comfortable in a home environment is one that's very calm and quiet with a helpful, patient family that understands my plight. Offering my good food and hosting daily playtime with wand-type toys will help you win my heart.

Viola 1Y 7M Domestic Longhair Female Available Front

Let’s play two truths and a lie! Ready?

1. I’m a famous actress; 2. I l-o-v-e catnip and feathers; 3. Small children make me uncomfortable.

Which one is the lie? .... #1. But, just because I'm not an actress now, doesn't mean I can't be. I mean, just look at this face.

I’m pretty friendly, playful, and cuddly. Some say I can be kind of nosy too. If you’re working at your computer, I must know what’s going on.

I can be shy sometimes, and I think a calm, quiet home with no other pets would be the best for me. Word the the wise: my long luxurious hair will need to be brushed frequently so it doesn’t get tangled; that’s how I ended up with the silly hair cut in my photo.